7 Reasons Why I Switched From Store Bought to Handmade Soaps, and Why You Should too!

7 Reasons Why I Switched From Store Bought to Handmade Soaps, and Why You Should too!

7 Reasons Why I Switched From Store Bought to Handmade Soaps, and Why You Should too!

As someone with sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts it took me buying a million different products in the store before I could find one that my skin could tolerate, and don’t even get me started on my hair!

There are a few simple reasons why switching to handmade soap is beneficial:

      1.) You know exactly what you are putting on your skin:

      The ingredients that we put in our soap are thoroughly researched to ensure the best outcome for the skin. We formulated our recipe with ingredients that are known for their nourishing and cleansing properties. We provide a full ingredient list on every product as well as have an entire page on our website that is dedicated to information about our ingredients and why we use them. We hide nothing when it comes to what we put in our products and answer any questions that our customers have about them as well. I love knowing what I am putting on my skin and the effects that it has on it.


      2.) Handmade soap doesn't strip away the skin’s natural healthy oils:

      Glycerin is a natural biproduct of traditional handmade soap which is known for sealing in moisture in the skin and preventing water loss, keeping the skin hydrated. It is such a sought after product/ingredient that some large manufactures even tend to extract the glycerin from their soaps so that they can sell it separately. Handmade soaps also contain a certain percentage of fatty acids which are also known for their moisturizing properties. If you opt in for the soaps that contain essential oils as well, they have their own beneficial properties and purpose for the skin. A lot of essential oils are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, & anti-bacterial properties. There will be a complete blog on essential oils and their benefits coming to the page soon, so keep your eyes out.


      3.) Handmade is a healthy alternative without harsh chemicals:

      We do not add any harsh chemicals to our soaps. Did you know that a lot of store bought soaps are made with Parabens and Phthalates? Parabens are a type of preservative that have a main job of stopping mold & bacteria growth which you think would be a good thing, but it is the exact opposite. Parabens are harmful as they are disruptive to certain hormones which can alter some of the body's important hormone functions. Phthalates are used in thousands of commercially made body care products and it is used to retain the scent within the products. Who doesn’t love amazingly scented products, right? Companies love to use Phthalates because they are a cheap option to make sure their products smell amazing 24/7. Soaps and body washes are meant to be wash off products, but with Phthalates the scent is able to remain on the skin. However, that does not mean you still can't have amazingly scented products without Phthalates!


      4.) Lasts longer than store bought soaps:

      One secret that large soap manufacturers don’t want you to know is that their soaps are made with fillers and detergents which make the soap dissolve faster, that way you have to buy more! Some Homemade soaps, like the ones we create, are formulated specifically to make a harder bar or soap. Does that mean that it is more harsh on your skin? No! If you have used store bought soap, you know they break easy and can squish with little pressure. Homemade soaps are just stronger, they hold up with the use, and you need less soap to get the job done. One way that you can get your soaps to last longer as well are soap lifts and soap dishes that allow the water to drain off. It will allow your soap to completely dry in between uses eliminating the usual countertop sticking soap goo!


      5.) Environmentally friendly:

      Many handmade soap makers try their hardest to lower their carbon footprint and lower the negative impact on the environment, starting from the ingredients used, all the way to the shipping & packaging materials. We are always trying to find new ways to run our company that caters more towards the environment. Packaging is the area where most companies struggle to be environmentally friendly. Packaging materials that are eco-friendly are more expensive which is why larger manufactures do not go this route. For a lot of homemade soap makers, the impact that harsh chemicals have on the environment is one of the reasons we started making soap in the first place. This leads to one of the main reasons why we strive to be as eco-friendly as we can.


      6.) Care, Attention, & Quality Matter:

      Handmade soaps are not made in large quantity batches and passed through machines. They are made in small batches to ensure quality and are able to be inspected without the use of machinery. They are tested and inspected before being sold, meanwhile large manufactures have to only pass the bare minimum of inspections. Who does not want quality over quantity? It may sound cheesy, but the phrase made with love is not an exaggeration when it comes to homemade soap. We love what we do and it reflects into each and every one of our creations. You are not just buying soap, you are buying a form of art that we made with the care your skin deserves.


      7.) Sustainably Sourced Ingredients:

      In depth research is completed on every manufacturer and supplier that we use to ensure we are using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. This research is completed before any supplies are even ordered and if the company is not able to provide the information that we need to ensure their products are safe and sustainably sourced we will not complete any business with them. When it comes to our essential oils we ensure they are 100% therapeutic grade that are not synthetically manufactured. Our fragrance oils are sustainably sourced as well and ensure that each fragrance has been thoroughly tested and that we abide by the IFRA guidelines. The IFRA (International Fragrance Association) is a global industry whose job it is to regulate fragrance oil to ensure safe usage.


 Tell us in the comments why you switched to handmade soaps!

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