Why We Are Here:

Ocean's Glow Soap Co.

Hello! We are James and Maggie, brother and sister, and we run a small handcrafted soap shop out of Arizona, USA. 

We are:

We create handcrafted soaps so you can have a safe, clean and healthy alternative to more modern soaps. We are purpose driven & goal oriented, taking pride in our products and setting the Bar high. Using quality, natural and safe ingredients, we are creating Great products, that you can feel Great about using.

Our "Why"

We could sit here and tell you why you should buy from us, but we would rather tell you why we do this instead.

Between the two of us, we have done all sorts of work for a living over the years. We have been employed, self-employed, unemployed, and business owners. We have worked for fortune 50 companies as engineers, supervisors, customer service reps, production associates, and helped organize and run multi-billion dollar operations. We have worked as contractors, freelancers, Amazon FBA sellers, eBay Store sellers, Etsy Shop sellers, retail arbitrage, used merchandise flippers, drop shippers and more. All of which we were able to build the necessary skills and abilities to be successful enough to make a more than fair living from them.

None of the things we did really gave us a sense of purpose or drive outside of earning the next paycheck.... Until this endeavor.

Here, we found our purpose. We found where we can solve problems, fulfil needs, gain skills and knowledge, create great & clean products that actually have meaning behind them, and build a life and community to be proud of.

We found passion here because it sets us apart from typical companies.

  • We didn't want to work for companies that took advantage of their customers to turn a profit.
  • We didn't want to work for companies that intentionally create products or services with failure or planned obsolescence built into the design specifically to create a "need" for repeat customers.
  • We didn't want to just sell products that were the new "trend" and move on to the next product when it gets boring and sales drop off.
  • We didn't want to sell wasteful and unnecessary products.

We wanted to be different - to be better. And that is why we were able to find our passion in this business adventure. We found something that we enjoy doing, that we can create a life based around, and can help people by providing useful, clean, and safe products with quality and customer happiness being our top priority. 

Our Startup

We started making handcrafted soap in 2021 as a hobby, and we grew to enjoy it very quickly! Our first products for sale to the public were launched in March 2022 on Etsy. We continued to hone in our skills and make additional products on top of handcrafted soap. We converted multiple rooms of our home at the time to accommodate our new found endeavor, and have plans to expand as soon as possible! We are starting small, but have a vision to grow big and help our community with quality handcrafted products that are used daily.

Our Products

We make all of our products in house, one batch at a time, by hand, so we know exactly what goes in each of our creations. We like to know exactly what we are putting in our products, and we want you to know too! We really enjoy the idea of creating products that are cleaner and safer for everyone. Each type of product and recipe we create to sell to our customers, we have tested and used ourselves, as we would not want to distribute products that we would not use on ourselves, and we are always sure to find all of our ingredients from quality sources with reputable backgrounds. We love using our products in our day to day life and we are sure you will too. 

**For more detailed information about the ingredients we use, please check out our Ingredients Page here, where you can see what ingredients we use, and the qualities and benefits of those ingredients!** 

If you have any additional questions, please, never hesitate to reach out to us using our Contact Us page.