Discount Details

To use this discount, simply add 3 of the same priced products to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied!
. For example, you can add 3 different large soaps, 3 different car air freshener diffusers, or mix and match between Shower Steamers, Large Soap Bars and Essential Oil Rollers that are priced the same! Discount stacks with other discounts!
Below are most of the product types that are in the same category to mix and match.

$17.95 Products

  • Large Magnesium Body Lotions (8 oz)
  • Large Dry Shampoo Powder Sprayer

$13.50 Products

  • Large Magnesium Mist (4 oz)
  • Regular Dry Shampoo Powder Sprayer
  • Regular Magnesium Body Lotions (4 oz)
  • Nurse Appreciation Bags

$8 Products

  • Large Soap (4.5oz)
  • 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
  • Dry shampoo Shaker (glass)
  • Perfumes
  • Shower Steamers
  • Essential Oil Rollers
  • African Black Soap (8 oz)
  • Naughty Christmas Coal Soap Bags (LIMITED TIME)

$6 Products

  • Simple Suds Soap Bars
  • Crystal Shaped Car Diffusers
  • Cylinder Shaped Car Diffusers
  • Skull Shaped Car Diffusers
  • Car Diffuser Refills

$4.95 Products

  • Bath Bombs
  • Lip Balms
  • Magnesium Travel Size Spray
  • Magnesium Roller Bottle
  • Medium Soap Bar (2.5 oz)

$3.25 Products

  • All Keychains
  • Detangler Shower Combs
  • Hair Clips/Ties
  • Beard Combs (not including sandalwood specialty combs)

$2.75 Products

  • Soap Saver Bag
  • Soap Lift
  • Travel Size Soap Bar (1 oz)


Please note: Not all products are included in this buy 2 get 1 free discount. Some of the products not included are our sandalwood combs and our magnesium DIY kits. We reserve the right to add, remove & change any product from this promotional discount at any time.