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Bark Bar - Dog Shampoo Bar

Bark Bar - Dog Shampoo Bar

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Our Bark Bars have 100% Natural and Non-Toxic Ingredients

Scent and Color: Unscented and no added colorant - Any scent and the color is from the natural oils and ingredients!

Size: Approx. 4.5oz *All of our soap creations are made and cut by hand, so actual weight, and size may vary slightly*

How to Use: 

  • We recommend bathing once every 3-6+ weeks (unless directed differently by your vetrenarian), as bathing too often can be drying to their skin!
  • Start by rinsing your pup and get their entire coat wet. Luke warm water is best! (Too hot of water can be damaging, as their skin is more sensitive then ours.) 
  • Work in a good lather around the body. You do not need to put the bar across the entire body, as the lather will spread. Use your hands to help spread the lather, then massage and clean as you would with any dog shampoo product :)
  • Rinse very well with water! Shampoo or Soap of any kind, including Bark Bars, can be irritating to their skin if left on after a bath!
  • Towel and air dry your pup and brush their coat (Do not use a blow drier, like stated above about the heat, it can be damaging and painful to their sensitive skin!)

Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Purified Water, Beef Tallow, Lye, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Neem Seed Oil (Option available with Oatmeal added)

We are transitioning to put oatmeal in every bar, so unless highly requested, the bars without oatmeal will be the last that we sell!

About: Bark Bars are our handcrafted dog shampoo bars, which come in eco-friendly biodegradable packaging, with a label made from PCW (Post Consumer Waste) to repurpose and reuse. Also, just like our Doggy Dough - Paw Balm, our Bark Bar's are tested for quality and satisfaction by Baloo(top left) and Maya(bottom right)!



Our Bark Bars are formulated to keep your furry friends and family clean with a health coat! The ingredients we use are dog safe with natural bug repellent to help shield your pups from those pesky fleas and ticks!

All soap bars are phthalate, parabens, and artificial detergent free. 

Listing is for 1 bar of soap unless variety pack is selected

Please Note: If you have any concerns about these ingredients for your pet(s) specifically, please consult with your veterinarian before use!

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We take our ingredient quality very seriously, and are sure to source from the most reputable manufacturers & suppliers to obtain the highest quality possible for our handcrafted products. 

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