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Ocean's Glow

Car Air Freshener Diffuser Cylinder Shaped

Car Air Freshener Diffuser Cylinder Shaped

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Hanging Car Air Freshener Diffusers

A stylish accessory with multiple designs available to hang from your rearview mirror, or any other preferred location. Choose from multiple scents to give your vehicles an amazing aroma. Each scent will have a different color. 

Color: Each scent will have a different color (color's listed below next to scent name and description) Don't want color?  No problem, at checkout, please specify in notes that you would not like added color (Please note: some fragrances have a natural light color tint, so the liquid may not be perfectly clear, but no additional color will be added if requested)

How to use: Remove plastic plug from under the wooden cap, then reinstall the wooden cap, tip diffuser upside down for 1-2 seconds, and you should see the cap begin to get wet. Repeat this as needed and hang it in your preferred location. (store upright once plastic plug is removed).

Scent Descriptions

  1. Iced - Black Ice dupe (Black-Grey)
  2. Hawaiian Tide - Fresh tropical ocean scent with notes coconut, pineapple and banana (Macaron Yellow)
  3. Skyfall - Scent of pines, eucalyptus, bayberry, cypress, oak, cedar & rosemary (Blue)
  4. Abso-Fruitly - Fruit Loops dupe (apple green)
  5. The Sparrow - Bay Rum scented (brown)
  6. Forest Rain - Deep forest aroma with notes of juniper, cedar, cypress and aged woods (Green)
  7. Enchanted Dreams - Be Enchanted B&BW Dupe (pink)
  8. Wild Cherries - fresh citrus with a blend of cherry and berry notes (burgundy)
  9. Monkey Farts - Fresh orange with notes of banana, berry and vanilla (grass green)
  10. Mountain Rain - fresh rain with notes of woods, lavender, and rose (indigo)
  11. Shimmering Moon - Moonlight Path B&BW Dupe (purple)
  12. Black Raspberry Vanilla - Citrus, Raspberry, Rose, Musky woods and vanilla (ultramarine)
  13. Sandalwood Rose - Earthy woodsy scent with notes of rose, cedar, vanilla and musk (garnet)
  14. Redwood & Cedar - Apples, Coconut, Raspberries, Cedar, Redwood & Vanilla (orange)
  15. Clean Cotton - Fresh lavender, jasmine, rose with notes of sandalwood musk and vanilla (cerulean blue)
  16. Sparkling Sangria - Citrus, Currant, Fruity blend with vanilla and woods (plum)
  17. Dragon's Blood - Orange, Jasmine, Rose with earthy patchouli, anise, tonka, and vanilla (red)
  18. Pumpkin Gingerbread (Garnet)
  19. Wildberry Cheesecake (Purple)
  20. Apples N Spice (Butter Yellow)
  21. Hot Cinnamon (red)
  22. Hazelnut (Brown)
  23. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (Brown)
  24. Pistachio (Apple Green)
  25. Spiced Vanilla (Brown)

Warning: Do not hang next to other hanging items. If touching the rope or wooden lid, the liquid can transfer and cause dripping and/or potentially damage other hanging objects. Tipping over too often or for too long can cause leaking and/or cause oil to travel too far up the rope. If liquid drips onto the interior of the car, the mixture can damage the trim if left unattended. If liquid travels too far up up the lace, and reaches where you are hanging it from, it can damage the trim if left unattended. Avoid spilling, tipping too much, and clean up any excess immediately if you happen to spill. Do not hang where it can obstruct the drivers view. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and wash hands thoroughly after coming in contact with the oil. By purchasing you take full responsibility of previously mentioned risks. 

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What does Nearly Natural mean?

Nearly Natural Explained: All of our products are made with 97-100% naturally derived ingredients. For example, many of our soaps are scented with pure essential oils and colored with natural colorants such as spinach powder or kaolin clays, making them made with all naturally derived ingredients. However, some are scented with a fragrance or colored with a mica powder. BUT, NO NEED TO BE ALARMED! Unlike typical commercial fragrance products made by most large companies, we use some of the highest quality premade fragrances available that are ALWAYS FREE of phthalate, paraben, and hormone blocking ingredients, and are created with the highest of industry standards, each passed by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland) and believed to be just as high quality and as safe as pure essential oils.

As for our mica powder - although lab-created, they are also of the highest quality, created this way to avoid unhealthy levels of lead, arsenic and mercury that natural mined pigments contain, all while being ethically sourced, free from animal testing and sourced from non-child labor companies unlike much of the natural mined micas around the world.

So, although some of our products are not 100% naturally derived, we strive to obtain the highest quality and safest ingredients nevertheless!

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