Current Soap Changes

Goat Milk

Although we already offer a few soaps with Goat Milk in it, like our Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soaps, Rosemary soap, and Gentleman's Lavender soap, we are transitioning and altering all of our soap recipes to contain Goat Milk! 

Goat Milk and its amazing benefits in soap!

Goat milk in soap is a gentle cleanser that is rich in vitamin A and fatty acids that can help support a healthy skin barrier, while nourishing and moisturizing! It is known to effectively treat acne and other skin conditions, as well as reduce inflammation and sooth dry and damaged skin. On top of all those amazing benefits, it is known for reducing wrinkles and delaying skin aging, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed!

Sweet Almond -VS- Apricot Oil

Both of these oils are members of the same family and can provide the same benefits! As an oil product, sweet almond is known to be a bit gentler on the skin, but sweet almond is known to be a bit more nourishing! Once through the saponification process of turning oils into soaps, there is very little, if any at all, noticeable differences in the quality and performance of the soap. So, to help accommodate the vast majority of individuals who are allergic to almonds, we have decided to make the change from Sweet Almond to Apricot oil.
Current soaps with the goat milk and apricot oil changes:
  • Turmeric & Ginger
  • Gentleman's Lavender
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla
  • Oatmeal Milk & Honey (unscented)
  • Rosemary
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